Crate of Ecstacy

Do you live far away and want to give a gift that is truly unforgettable for your loved one?

₹5555 Only.

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We are sorry, but we do not solely offer decorations. We really believe that the best way to surprise your loved ones and make them happy is to express your love in style!. For this reason, we have learned that it's not just about the decor but also about other important elements. We believe that by only providing the décor, the work is only partially completed.

Smitesh Uppin

Experience Specialist

Smitesh has the expertise to suggest the perfect surprise experience. With a personal touch and attention to detail, Smitesh has helped bridge countless relationships, creating lasting memories for clients and their loved ones. Since 2016, Smitesh has handled over 10,000 surprises.

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Crate of Ecstacy

Perfect experience for the ones who can’t meet each other


  • Personalized COE
  • Surprise Specialist
  • Short Video Tape
  • Free Delivery
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Surprise Unboxing

Send Anything with a Surprise!!


  • Gift wrapping
  • Surprise specialist
  • Short Video Tape
  • Free Delivery
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Time Travel

Perfect Experience to make the occasion extra special & spend a quality time with each other.


  • Table Reservation
  • Aesthetic Table Decor
  • Personalized Gifts
  • Surprise Specialist
  • Bonding Session
  • Filmmaker
  • BE Film
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