Best surprise planners in bangalore

On websites like Pinterest, you can look up DIY projects, but you'll need to put in the hard work of management, such as organising items from various locations. If you are preoccupied with all of this, you cannot enjoy time with your loved ones.

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Instead, plan a thoughtful surprise experience for your loved one.

1. Aesthetic Surprise Decor

Hand picked to make a statement celebration for your loved one consisting of personalised gifts like a memory book , love letters, candles, flowers, fairy lights, Cake & Cupcakes, Helium balloons, and some goofy and relatable Fillers.

2. Table Reservation

at any of our tie up venues. Trust me, you wouldn’t wanna miss this Experience! 

3. Surprise Specialist

who is specially trained to Surprise, Entertain, Convey your love & make this 1 hour experience a memory for a lifetime.

4. 30mins Bonding Session

The Surprise Specialist will make y’all sit together & talk about the best memories everyone has with the Celebrant. This 30 minutes will surely be filled with love, laughter, emotions & a lot of fun! 

5. Premium BE Film

Highlights of the entire Celebration will be video recorded by our professional Film Maker to produce a classic Music Video of 2 minute B E film & also 5 Premium photographs - TO MAKE IT A MEMORY FOR LIFETIME 

Enter the surprise store

Why are we Bangalore's best surprise planners?

Gifts indicate the form of love, affection and care but when the gifts are personalized it beautifully captures a memorable moment and it lasts in the memory for a lifetime.
We have a purpose to fulfill for all of humanity. It is to bridge relationships. We do that by helping them express their love for each other, cherish their memories, through the innovations we are consistently building!!

we have 2000+ google reviews with an average rating of 4.9, earning us the label of Bengaluru's favourite surprise store.

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Enter the surprise store