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Why you should not plan a surprise yourself

7 Reasons Why you should not plan a surprise yourself

1.If you try to reserve a table by yourself, certain venues either won’t allow you to do the decor or charge you additional for the same.

2.When you have a surprise planned by yourself, wouldn’t there be a void after the cake cutting where you have no idea what to do next?

3.Even if you hire a Videographer they would charge you minimum of 4000 per session, 2000 to edit & sometimes even their travel allowance. 

4.Hiring a decorator will cost you a lot which is just for the decor. It is not safe as they reuse the items for several bookings in a day. 

5.Additional delivery charges will be applied which varies from location to location. You are paying extra just for the delivery partner to just deliver the gift.

6.You will have to search 100s of places to bring together a Host, Videographer, Gift, Decor or even worse: you might end up buying just a cake.

7.Doing it yourself or with any other event planner will require a lot of Money, Time, Efforts & still you might end up doing something which might not be memorable or special.! 


1.We will reserve a table for you at one of the venues we are collaborated with 

2.You will have a Surprise Specialist allotted by B E who is trained to keep you entertained & make the occasion memorable & special.

3.A highly trained Filmmaker from B E will record the best candid moments of the Celebration & you will also get a beautifully edited B E Film which will be a memory for a lifetime. 

4.A Minimal & Aesthetic table decor which is designed keeping in mind the pandemic situation & suits best for any occasion.

5.You are not entitled to any additional charges to deliver the surprise anywhere within Bangalore. Whereas our Surprise Specialist will not only deliver the gift, but also surprise your beloved, interact with them & ensure that they feel very special to you.

6.B E is a one-stop-solution for all your needs. Than just a gift, you will give an experience combined with everything you need to make their special day memorable!

7.With B E, you get to save a lot of Money, Time, Efforts & still be able to gift the most memorable Surprise Experience to your beloved.

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