Gifting something special or expensive? Make it a Lifetime memory. B E The Surprise Store

Gifting something special or expensive? Make it a Lifetime memory.

Gifting is essentially an easy way to say-'I Care'.

  •  But, It's either expensive or harder to find such heart winning gifts.
  • There is also an unnoticed need for expert assistance, personalization, and creative packaging.
  •  Need to watch the receiver's surprise reaction while unboxing the gift. This is a critical surprise element while unboxing any gift.
  • The unusual gift delivery experience from an Ecommerce that comes with many restrictions.

If you're tired of such same old gift-giving experience then this is the perfect experience for you.

Surprise Unboxing Experience

Use it to deliver your gift in the most meaningful & memorable way possible. It enables you to give anything you wish (like an i-phone or even a box of biryani) as a surprise gift. 

  • Send anything as a gift : You can purchase the gift online from any brand website and have it delivered to the B E Headquarters.
  • Artistic gift-wrapping: Our professionals will elegantly and artistically wrap your gifts that you send to us.
  • Delivery free : Your gifts will be delivered anywhere across the city for zero additional charges.
  • Surprise delivery:  A Surprise specialist who is highly trained to convey your feelings will have it delivered and make them feel special along with a letter of love
  • Video clip:  A minute video of their emotional surprise unboxing reaction will be recorded and sent within 48 hours.

All of this for only Rs.2222/-

Are you wondering how to give an unforgettable surprise to your  beloved while Gifting something really special or expensive?

Add a surprise unboxing experience for your gifts. Make it a lifelong memory.

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